Carnelian Mala Bracelets

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  • Guards against poverty, calming and protection from negativity
  • Light, Clear and Oval types are 8 millimeters
  • The round one is 10 millimeters with three 12 millimeters spacer beads
  • Made in Nepal

The Carnelian1 Gemstone Mala are also worn as bracelets bring the blessing of the vibrations of the stone into the body's energy circuit. The string is a strong elastic cord and allows for stretching and pulling without breaking. 

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1. Carnelian

Red Carnelian generates healthy energy and through the centuries has been used to promote fertility and healing at all levels from spiritual to the physical, for men and women. Carnelian is one of the power stones of earth. This translucent brown/orange gemstone has a kind, warming energy that connects to the earth and to the sun. 

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Carnelian Mala Bracelet

Love this store, I have already bought from here before but havent seen these new tassels. I love how they always get new stuff. This store is awesome and i hear its family owned.