Make Your Own Chakra Mala

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Why Us

Chakra Jewelry helps cleanse and balance your chakras. It also can be used as a reminder to become more self-aware and to meditate for your holistic health. 

Making your bracelet is easy, follow these simple steps to create your very own unique mala to help you realign your chakras.

  1. Select your wrist size (Women are generally 7 inches wrist size and men are 8 inches. Leave a note at checkout if your size is more unique.)
  2. Select which chakra charm fits you the best. (We do recommend matching the stone's natural chakra with the charm for synergy, but every person is different)
  3. Select your stone based on the description that best fits your needs ( there are detailed descriptions below if you want to read more) 
  4. Finall, add to cart and checkout! We will customize your mala by hand and have it shipped to you ASAP

Rose Quartz is for love. (Heart Chakra)

Moonstone opens one to feminine qualities. (Heart Chakra)

Seven Chakra is for Harmony and balance. (All Chakra)

Turquoise is for strengthening the body. (Throat and Sacral Chakra)

Tiger's Eye increases courage and confidence. (Solar Plexus and Third Eye)

Labradorite increases creativity and intuition due to its beautiful play of colors. (Throat Chakra)

Aventurine is considered an all-purpose healing stone and promotes positivity and happiness. (Heart Chakra)

Black Onyx is a stone of self mastery and provides great strength and confidence. (Root Chakra)

Opal Light is a strong healing stone as it supports the whole body and its intricate colors supposedly help during spiritual travel. (Crown and Third Eye Chakra)

Amethyst stimulates the mind and enhances creativity and mental focus. It also calms the mind and is a stone of inner wisdom. (Third Eye and Crown Chakra)

How we directly support the locals

Since 1980 Karma and Zumki Lama have brought thousands of items made from Tibetan Refugees living in Nepal and India. As Tibetan refugees themselves, they were shocked by how much people in America loved our culture and our craftsmanship. After selling for a while, they decided to bring the wealth back home and support the struggling communities and artisans. We only buy directly from the local artisans and make sure there is no middle man to take away their hard earned money. We make sure to visit Nepal and India at least twice a year and always find new items and artists to work with. Over the years we have developed strong bonds with the artisans and always make sure to keep in touch and see that their life improves under our support. 

How we have grown

Due to your support and our continued success, we have expanded beyond just Nepal and India and now source our products ethically, from mainly Southeast Asia. (Thailand, Bali) We have expanded our collection due to the repeated requests of our customers asking for more and more culturally diverse products, and have made some new friends along the way. 

With your support

You can directly impact the local artisans by visiting either Nepal and India and experiencing the rich and vibrant culture. Many small independent businesses fail due to the changing times, and this, in turn, affects the local artisans in small villages in Southeast Asia creating a domino effect. With your support, we can continue supporting our friends from Southeast Asia and continually grow to impact their lives in a positive fashion. 

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