How to burn Mandala Sage

White Sage is burned normally to cleanse the house or room of negative auras. Traditionally used by shamans in the past, this amazing plant has evolved and become commonplace within many households and Tibetan shops. Sage can be used to also symbolize a new beginning in a new home or a new turning point in your life.

*Please be very careful in burning sage, as burning anything is very dangerous. Keep water in a cup nearby to extinguish huge flames.


Step 1: Gather the necessary tools

- Bundled white sage, as it is easier for beginners to burn. (Don't worry the color of the string doesn't matter)

- Fireproof bowl. Normally a ceramic plate, abalone shell, or a metallic incense burner can be used. This is used in order to catch the ash and control the flames.

- A Lighter or match

- Cup of water just in case

Step 2: How much should you burn

Our White Sage normally comes in two sizes small, and medium and are bundled and wrapped together with a piece of string. It is up to you whether you want to burn the whole bundle at once, or unwrap the bundle and burn one piece at a time. For a small apartment, it is recommended to only burn one or several pieces at a time as a lot of smoke can appear, and smoke detectors may go off. For a large space burning the whole bundle may be a good idea to recieve the most effect. It is also best to use the whole bundle especially if it is a new home in order to cleanse the house of any lingering bad energy. 

Step 3: Cleansing

Before beginning make sure to open all windows and have all necessary tools ready. Light one end of the Sage and hold it away from you. Make sure to blow out the excess flame and have a steady stream of smoke. Carefully walk around your place, and make sure to spread the smoke to the four corners of your home. If you feel uncomfortable holding the sage in your hand, you can also place it on a fireproof plate that I mentioned above and walk around. While spreading the cleansing effect, you can also pray and chant in order to boost the effects and spread good energy. 

Step 4. Finishing.

After sufficiently cleansing the room and its four corners, allow the remainder of the bundle to continue burning on the plate and place the plate on your altar, or in the center of your home. If you believe the home has been successfully smoked and cleansed, put out the fire using soil or water. If there is still a lot of White Sage left, keep it safe in a dry cool place and you can reuse the remainder of the bundle for another time.

Congratulations your home is now fully cleansed and rid of bad energies.

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