Do you do refunds or only exchanges?

We do both! Simply return the product in its original condition (within 30 days) to the mailing address provided and we will refund the exact amount immediately after receiving the product. (shipping cost is excluded) Exchanges can also be easily accomplished by contacting us via chat feature or email and explaining which items would like to be exchanged (Shipping must be paid by customer). Exchanges are also possible by coming in store to any of our 4 physical locations and switching with an item of equal or lesser value. (Only online can full refunds occur, Physical locations only have exchange policies)

Do you do refunds or only exchanges?

Our shipping prices are very low and reasonable compared to other online businesses. This is due to us not overcharging on shipping expenses and only listing prices that we actually pay. We are a small family business and in order to maintain our low prices we do not include shipping costs in our refunds. We hope you understand.

I received a broken and/or defective item, what do I do?

If the item you recieved was damaged or defective immediately take a picture and send it to us. If the mistake was the result of an error we made in your order or a product defect, we will replace the product or refund the complete amount including all shipping charges. Please email us at mandalanyc@gmail.com regarding this issue, or you can also call us at 718-302-0005. Refunds will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the returned products. If the item you requested is in stock, we will ship it to you immediately.

I never recieved my product(s), where is it?

Please email us at mandalanyc@gmail.com or call us at 718-302-0005 if you haven’t received your product within two weeks. Most of the time this issue occurs because we do not have the item in stock and if that is the case we would have emailed you. (please check your spam)If there is no email, then the package probably got lost in transit and we will help you locate it using the tracking number. Keep in mind international orders take much longer to arrive at the destination.

Why is my order not processing?

Most U.S transactions should process smoothly however in some cases, the issue is because the billing and street address do not match. So please double check this. Some international customers may have trouble due to our merchant services not accepting foreign cards. If this occurs please either try again or email us at mandalanyc@gmail.com.

Do you do wholesale or custom orders?

We do wholesale but only in a few selection, if interested Please email us at mandalanyc@gmail.com or call us at 718-302-0005. We also do custom orders in case you saw something in one of our four stores which is not online.

Do you get your products from Tibet? and also where else?

NO, however most of our stuff is handmade by Tibetan Refugees living in Nepal and India. It is very difficult to acquire products made in Tibet due to the strict control the Chinese Government places over the region and people. While we do have some products from Tibet, it is very few in selection. We have also branched out and carry products from Thailand, Bali and even Lithuania. We strive to fulfill our customer's wants and needs but still maintain the essence of a Tibetan store.

Are your products made from ethical sources?

We believe in fair trade and fair treatment. None of our products are made from the mistreatment of others and we only import from companies who also believe in this same ideology.

How do I know your items are authentic?

Yes while it may be scary to buy something online without actually touching it we promise you most of our products are handmade and made with care. All of our Silver Jewelry are stamped with “92.5” and all of our statues and ritual items are authentically made by expert artisans. If you are uncertain of any of our products and would like more assurance Please email us at mandalanyc@gmail.com or call us at 718-302-0005 and let us relieve you of any worry.