In Store Pickup

We have 4 stores from where you can pick up same day

Domestic Shipping

We offer a variety of shipping options so your order gets to you as soon as possible

  1. Standard delivery starting at $2.60 usually arrives within one week
  2. Low cost expedited shipping available for within a few days delivery

Same Day Shipping

Would you like your order within the same day? We made this possible by implementing same day services like Post Mates and Uber Rush. The services are reliable and safe, and you can enjoy your product in a few hours without having to take a single step.

International Delivery

We have delivered many items to Canada and a few Asian countries without hassle so far. For international shipping, we do thorough research after an order is placed to see if shipping is available in the customer’s country. If available, then only will we accept the payment, and delivery is made through the best service to ensure fast and safe delivery.

Note: Before an international order is placed, we would prefer it if you could contact and notify us. However, even if an order is placed we do not process payment until we believe we can ship the ordered products to selected country.