How to restring or resize your Mandala Mala Bracelets

Mala Bracelets are amazing because they do so many different things and are very stylish. Unfortunately, after wearing them for a long time the elastic starts to weaken and will eventually snap. This is a natural process and is very easily remedied. In this step by step article, we will teach you how to fully restore or fit any of our Mandala Mala Bracelets to your preference.

*Please note our elastic cords and/or strings may only fit in our Mandala beads and not other stores.


Step 1: Gather the necessary tools

- Have a small bowl or box to put the beads in.

- Stretchy elastic cord. (provided with every mandala purchase)

- Pair of scissors.Step 2: Measure desired length ( For future Purchases )

Step 2: Measure desired length ( For future Purchases )

Utilizing the stretch cord or a yarn of string, wrap it around your wrist and decide how tight or loose you would like it. Measure that length in inches and put a note in checkout so we can further your shopping experience.Step 3: String your beads

Step 3: String your beads

Holding the string in your non-dominant hand and the beads in your dominant hand slowly begin to insert one bead after another. After a majority of the beads are on the string, you are ready to see if the bracelet fits. Experiment by tightening the collective loose beads around your wrist and add or reduce appropriately.

Step 4. Finally tying the knot on the beaded bracelet.

Finally, gather both ends of the beads and tie a knot firmly connecting the beads. Tie 2-3 knots on top of the first knot for security. Your handmade Tibetan Mala bracelet is now ready to be worn. Check out the next step for how to clean your new handmade beaded bracelet. As well as How to make adjustable beaded bracelets.

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