How to use Tibetan Prayer Bead

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding mala beads have in store is how to use them.

Therefore we felt it was time to write a short article on how to properly use your new prayer bead. 

How to use

The primary purpose of Tibetan prayer beads is to count prayers, mantras, and good deeds. It also serves the purpose of focusing and calming the mind.

After one revolution it is considered that you have completed 100 mantra recitations. The other eight are to make up for any mistakes that have been made.

There is also a larger bead called the Guru bead that signifies the start and end of a revolution. It does not count as one of the 108 beads.

There isn't a particular way to count the prayers. Mostly the intention and thought is the important aspect of using prayer beads. There are traditional and common ways of doing it, but using a technique that suits you better is also okay.  

As for which hand to hold it in, it is recommended that it be held in your left hand, however, using your right is also fine. The traditional left hand is believed to be due to how the prayer wheel is generally held in the right.

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