Polyester Windhorse Tibetan Prayer Flags

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  • 5 colors, panels, and images
  • Made in Nepal
  • Polyester
  • 25 Flags
  • 8x8 inches

The Wind Horse is an allegory for the human soul in Eastern and Central Asian traditions. It is the center of the four animals symbolizing the cardinal directions and is also the symbol of well-being and good fortune. It translates directly to Lungta1 in Tibetan ( Lung = Wind, Ta = Horse )

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1.Lung ta

Lung-Ta is a Tibetan word meaning wind(Lung) horse(Ta). Lungta is a mythical animal who carries all intentions and prayers to the universe. As the wind blows the prayers fly out to the universe and are sent out to be fulfilled. Lungtas are square or rectangular shaped and are connected along their top edges by a long string, and are commonly hung on a diagnal line from high to low places, such as trees, stupas, or mountains.

About Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags are auspicious flags that contain images of deities, mantras and prayers, which are traditionally believed to bring happiness, peace, prosperity, good fortune, health and victory over the obstacles. Prayer Flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. Prayers inscribed on prayer flags protect from destructive evils and obstacles toward the flag planter and all sentient being. Tibetans believe that the prayers and mantras will be blown upwards as an offering to their deities and will bring fortune, happiness and good health to all who hang them.

Customer Reviews

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david karwacki
Just what I had hoped for

These polyester flags are of a vibrant color.
They are of a large size
They have a nylon rope.
They are beautiful
They will bring many blessings.
Please see the picture.

Jeffrey Bell

Great flags for bringing in peace and getting rid of negativity

George Maalaer
Prayer Flags

Great flags for outdoors. They were super long and cheap, so I didn't feel too bad about just leaving them outside tied on some trees