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These are the mala bracelets that have been most popular in our physical and online stores. Women generally select mala bracelets that enhance femine qualities while boosting positive intentions.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the finest healing stones, as it is associated with the heart chakra and teaches self love. Self love is very important, because you must love yourself before you are ready to open yourself to love others. With its ability to purify the heart, Rose Quartz is the most powerful for attracting love and peace. Also associated with increasing creativity and imagination, this gemstone is very good for writers, or artists.


Moonstone is considered a traveler's stone and is believed to protect wandering travelers during the night or those on water. It also opens the heart and allows one to feel love and enhances feminine qualities. Moonstone promotes introspection, fertility, and compassion. Chakra: Moonstone is associated with the crown and third eye chakras, and sometimes with the heart chakra.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl represents the gentle healing power of the sea. It can help relieve stress and is very soothing and calming to the emotions. Mother of Pearl is also believed to increase fertility and is a very popular stone amongst women. It also gives you the ability to more easily express feelings of love.

Red Coral

Coral is considered auspicious and is worn in the necklace by almost all the women of Kumaon and among the Tibetans as well. It is believed to be advantageous to one's health and protects from the danger of widowhood, as well as bringing good luck or good fortune to the house. Coral also quiets the emotions and brings peace and harmony to the surroundings. Red Coral is a fossil coral meaning it's the remains of old coral and has been dyed red. The ones being traded are the traditional ones tibetans wear traditionally.

Seven Chakra

The seven chakra stones balance and realign a persons chakras, and allows the person to feel more positive. Each chakra stone absorbs their respective negative energy and replaces it with positive energy characteristic to the corresponding gemstone. These gemstones have been used for beauty, healing, and protection in ancient times, and this bracelet cleanses, balances, and strengthens the body's seven chakras.

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rose quartz mala bracelet

Just great bracelets. I just got the rose quartz and its beautiful. Im planning on making it a goal of mine to get every one of these bracelets, this women's collection is just spot on.