Rosewood Wrist Mala

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  • Calming properties
  • Soft durable elastic cord
  • 8-millimeter beads
  • 21-24 beads
  • Made in Nepal

The Rosewood malas are worn as bracelets to serve as reminder to be humble and less materialistic. To follow the teachings of Buddha and be more calmer and live in the middle path. The simplicity of wood helps serve as an example to lead a simple lifestyle. The string is a strong elastic cord and allows for stretching and pulling without breaking. The bracelet consists of beads that are 8 millimeters.


1. Rosewood

Rose wood is a very useful material found in the Punjab province of Pakistan and the Punjab state of India. This ancient tree has been used for various spiritual and healing purposes. Believed to help remove negative energies many practitioners wear wood jewelry to aid in their spiritual practice. Wood serves to remind one self to live with humility and be humble.


Sizing Note:

If you would like a better fit for the bracelet please note wrist size or loose / tight fit preference, and we will custom make the best bracelet for you. You can do this in the note section at checkout. 

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