How to Clean Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls are incredible instruments that help us remain focused and relaxed throughout our days.

In Buddhist tradition, they are played to begin and end the cycle of silent meditation. However, over time, singing bowls have been found to have many different uses and serve as a very versatile meditation aid.

Many people find the sound very mysterious, and soothing and maybe even sometimes drawn to the sound.

While others use the bowls in yoga, music therapy, sound healing, and religious ceremonies, there is no definitive right way to use your bowl. With so many useful qualities, taking care of

With so many useful qualities, taking care of one's bowl should be a high priority.

So below are some useful tips and tricks to clean and maintain the quality of your valuable bowl, without destroying the harmony of the 7 different metals which make it up.



Tip 1. Keep HARMFUL CHEMICALS away from you bowl.
- Some examples would be windex, bleach, soda, orange juice, anything really acidic or concentrated. 
- This is because if you let your bowl sit with with these chemicals over time, a chemical reaction will occur and certain metals from the bowl will tarnish or oxidize ruining the harmony of the bowl.
Tip 2. Keep your bowl dry
While you may use water in your bowl to heighten or change the sound emitted, it is important to use distilled water so as to not accidently react any unknown chemicals with the bowls different metals. Also it is very important to never leave water sitting in your bowl for more than a day, as water stains can be left over. So make sure to properly dry your bowl if it ever gets wet. 


Cleaning Methods

Method 1. Wipe with a Soft Cloth:
The primary method for keeping your bowl in tip top shape is to just wipe the bowl occasionally with a soft cloth in order to remove dust. You can also use a wet paper towel in order to remove stubborn fingerprints. However don't forget to dry off the bowl in order to prevent water stains.
Method 2. Using hot water for stubborn dirt:
In order to remove stubborn dirt, fill the bowl with warm or hot water, dissolve some soap in it, and then leave it for the night. This method will be enough to remove stubborn dirt which may have stuck to the surface of the bowl. The following day, pour out the cleaning solution out of the bowl and then rinse it with clean water. Don't forget to dry the bowl completely after rinsing to ensure that water does not react with the metal components.
*I would only recommend this method for really hard to remove dirt.

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