How to make Tibetan Beaded Bracelets

Bead bracelets come in many different sizes, colors, stones, and even names. Some common names are Power bracelets, Wrist Malas, Mala Bracelets and Prayer bead bracelets. However, for this article, I will be referring to these as simply beaded bracelets. Due to all of these variations, many people think making beaded bracelets is difficult.  

How to make a prayer bracelet

What people usually refer to Tibetan bead bracelets are those that have a guru bead or beads that total to a divisible number of 108. Therefore it is also often known as prayer bracelets as it aids in counting prayers.

Also in Tibetan tradition, there are many gemstones and other natural materials like wood, bone and seeds that are believed to bring luck and protection.

However, usually to make a Tibetan bead bracelet you simply just need a beaded bracelet that can aid in counting prayers and promotes good thoughts and the rest of the details are not as important.

How to choose the right beads for me

Select the bead according to what your preference is whether it be color, stone, property or even a gut feeling. You can even mix and match, and add tassels and charms. Usually, it is recommended to go by the meaning of the stones as it is believed it can bring healing properties to the wearer and also can serve as a memento.

Stringing beaded bracelet

Gather the 27 beads required to make a traditional Tibetan bracelet. Now it doesn't have to be 27, but it must be a divisible number of 108 (9), such as 9, 18, 27 and so on. After gathering the beads, simply put the string or thread through each of the holes, attaching them. There is also the option of adding spacers ( small decorative charms that accentuate certain preferred beads ), and those generally do not count as part of the mantra beads.

To customize a bracelet even more and make a bracelet that is even more meaningful to you, you can also add charms that also carry significance.

Tying the knot on the beaded bracelet

Finally, gather both ends of the beads and tie a common knot. Tie 2-3 knots on top of the first knot for security. Your handmade Tibetan beaded bracelet is now ready to be worn.

Another form of Buddhist bracelet that we carry is the Buddha knot bracelet or eternal knot bracelet. Although you can add a bead or two to the bracelet usually it simply is a red string with adjustable knots in the form of the infinity symbol representing reincarnation.

Check out the next step for how to clean your new handmade beaded bracelet.

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