How to clean beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets over time can get dirty and will need some maintenance. However, since there are so many gemstones that fall under the bead bracelet category, it is important to know how to differentiate so cleaning can be more effective. Some will require a little more care while others can take a little more punishment

General versus Gentler beads

General Beads

First let us start with a general care guide that encompasses most of the stones. Usually, a damp cloth should be enough. Wiping with it gently should remove built up dust or dirt and return a stone to its original look. Also this way the string can be protected from the moisture which can shorten its life. However, if that is not enough, adding a little dish soap should do the trick.

Gentler Beads

For gentler crystals and stones be careful not to use anything too strong as that can damage a stone’s polish. The rule of thumb is milder the better. Now about the natural bracelets made from bone or wood. For these, the key is to avoid moisture from seeping into the pores. This can also greatly shorten the life of a beaded bracelet. For wood bracelets especially it is recommended to use a little olive oil as cleaning it improperly or with something stronger can dull it. Simply dip a soft cloth into olive oil and gently polish while being careful to avoid the cords or string.

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