What are Malas?

Beaded bracelets have many names. Wrist malas, energy or power bracelet, prayer bracelets and many other similar variants. However, they are all mostly one and the same. Originally formed as a convenient alternative to the 108 malas, wrist malas have now come into their own and become very popular in the far east regions. Power bracelets have grown to become a staple of buddhist and tibetan culture due to the belief that they carry special power and energy depending on what it is made of. The consisting gemstone, seed or bead are believed to have individual strengths and properties that aid one to live a balanced life. From protection, healing, to cleansing and creativity it is believed to bring the wearer a vast variety of benefits. It can also be used as a memento to remain balanced, humble and grounded as one traverses the unpredictable path of life.

Tibetan Malabeads

Malas are so widely spread and accepted because of what they symbolize and how they help one focus on prayers and good intentions. Each religion has a different standard for what makes up a Mala, but since we are Tibetan Buddhists we are going to explain what makes a 108 Tibetan Mala Bead. Well as the name suggests our malas have 108 beads, a guru or master bead, and some form of a tassel.

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