Meaning of Rosewood

Rose wood malas have been used by millions of Buddhist practitioners for countless years, and some have even forgotten the wondrous uses of this amazingly utilitarian material.

This plentiful material is harvested from India and can be used in various fields of interest, such as engineering and medicine not just for spiritual growth.

Rosewood is often used in furniture, but could also be used in remedies to heal blemishes, rashes and even indigestion.

No wonder with so many healing properties Buddhists use wood malas during meditation. The simplicity of the mala reduces distraction and allows one to focus on their mantras, and the wood naturally calms the nerves.

What is rosewood and where to get it?

Rosewood is a famous tree in the Punjab province of Pakistan and the Punjab state of India. A very abundant species of tree, finding the material is relatively easy, making its uses relatively cheap and affordable. The leaves, stems, and bark are also used in a medicinal paste which is often foraged in the bushes.

What can rosewood do?

Rosewood is often used to craft items such as beds, tables, and chairs, which provide a sense of healing through touch. Everybody would prefer to have wooden furniture as opposed to plastic, and especially so, if it was made of rosewood which innately has a nice soothing smell.

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