Emaho Incense

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Why Us


  • Approximately 26 sticks measured at 5.5 in. each (SMALL)
  • Approximately 21sticks measured at 10 in. each (LARGE)
  • Hand made from several herbs found in the Himalayan Range and the plains of Southern India
  • Made in Southern India
  • Strong Earthy smell

Special inhalant for relieving stress, tension and depression. Traditionally handmade Tibetan incense made using ancient Tibetan medical system.

This Incense comes in two sizes, a Small and Large. Both sizes come with over 20 sticks and each stick is hand rolled. As most traditional Tibetan incense, the stick is fully burnable and does not contain a bamboo stick like nag champa does. So please be careful.

Shipping and Returns

Easy Returns ( Simply pay return postage ). Fast Shipping starting at $2.60, usually, arrives within the week.


Why use Tibetan Incense

It is used today for religious offerings, meditation; overall mental and physical well being or simply to purify and freshen rooms, Originally Healing Tibetan Incense was used to dispel bad spirits and bad energy. Continuing the tradition many burn incense to dispel negativity and attract positive energy for healing and peace.

How we directly support the locals

Since 1980 Karma and Zumki Lama have brought thousands of items made from Tibetan Refugees living in Nepal and India. As Tibetan refugees themselves, they were shocked by how much people in America loved our culture and our craftsmanship. After selling for a while, they decided to bring the wealth back home and support the struggling communities and artisans. We only buy directly from the local artisans and make sure there is no middle man to take away their hard earned money. We make sure to visit Nepal and India at least twice a year and always find new items and artists to work with. Over the years we have developed strong bonds with the artisans and always make sure to keep in touch and see that their life improves under our support. 

How we have grown

Due to your support and our continued success, we have expanded beyond just Nepal and India and now source our products ethically, from mainly Southeast Asia. (Thailand, Bali) We have expanded our collection due to the repeated requests of our customers asking for more and more culturally diverse products, and have made some new friends along the way. 

With your support

You can directly impact the local artisans by visiting either Nepal and India and experiencing the rich and vibrant culture. Many small independent businesses fail due to the changing times, and this, in turn, affects the local artisans in small villages in Southeast Asia creating a domino effect. With your support, we can continue supporting our friends from Southeast Asia and continually grow to impact their lives in a positive fashion. 

Customer Reviews

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Great product and excellent service


emaho incense

Came quick and unbroken, which is surprising for incense. Normally all of the sticks end up in pieces when i order online

emaho incense

Love this incense. It smells earthy and spicy and each stick actually lasts for a long time



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