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These are the mala bracelets that have been most popular in our physical and online stores. Men usually select a bracelet by the color or the masculine properties associated with the beads.


Turquoise is known as a master healer stone, with the ability to repair physical injury, mental strife and even past life trauma. Turquoise healing properties promote communication and will help solve petty arguments and resolve hostilities. It can also help people who wear it to gain wisdom and help with spiritual practices. Turquoise healing properties can even protect the wearer from harm by absorbing negative influences and cleansing them, thus balancing all of the chakras within the body.


Sandalwood is an aromatic wood that has been used for many purposes throughout the centuries by various cultures. It can be used for incense, jewelry in the form of beaded bracelets, and also, it produces an oil with a distinctive fragrance. In fact it is one of the most important trees in India as it is a staple of their culture.


Lava stone is a stone of immense strength and is made from the molten lava from the ground, which makes the stone have grounding capabilities. It is said to bring great power to the wearer and promote strength (mental and physical) when facing challenges.

Bodhi Seed

Bodhi seeds are symbolically prominent throughout Buddhist beliefs. The very first Buddha, Gautama Buddha was said to have reached enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, thus the tree and its seeds are believed to progress enlightenment and spirituality. A very auspicious seed is believed to aid in meditation.

Tigers Eye

Tiger's eye is a form of the Chalcedony quartz. associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakra. A very powerful stone, Tiger's eye promotes passion while increasing courage, confidence and physical strength. It is also protects from negativity and promotes good fortune, as well as grounding properties.

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Mens Mala Bracelet

Great store, love how they put the best selling bracelet for men. I could not decide from all of their bracelets, so its great that they made it easy for me. I bought the tigers eye, its so cool.

Beautiful bracelet

Bought a beautiful turquoise bracelet. Beautiful