Painted Ceramic Medicine Buddha Statue

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  • Ceramic
  • Medicine Buddha has its palm outwards and is often associated with the color of lapis lazuli Blue
  • Made in Nepal
  • Small 4.5 inches tall: 0.5 pounds
  • Medium 6 inches tall: 1 pound

Medicine Buddha1 has its palm facing outwards offering help and healing and caries a bowl full of medicine. The medicine Buddha is revered as the most powerful blessing for healing and dispelling sickness. This ceramic statue comes in two sizes and is made in Nepal. 

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1. Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha is revered as the most powerful blessing for healing, dispelling sickness and for awakening inner healing. His body is blue, left hand is in the meditation mudra, and holds a begging bowl full of healing medicine. His other hand is also outstretched offering help and healing. Hanging this prayer flag is very beneficial as placing this in your home or garden will allow the healing mantras on the flags to be sent out and spread peace, this is particularly beneficial as a gift item to someone who is sick. "Om Bhaisajya Bhaisajya Maha Bhaisajya Rajaya Samudgate Svaha" is the mantra of the Medicine Buddha.  If one recites this mantra, one can eliminate the sickness of body and gain a long life.

Why have statues?

The purpose of statues is to meditate upon or be inspired by the meaning behind the statue. Usually a Buddha is simply a representation of an idea like compassion, selfishness or wisdom and therefore praying upon the Buddha that represents that idea it serves as a reminder. Also it is believed that simply being around the Buddha statue it brings a aura of positive energy and inner peace.

How we directly support the locals

Since 1980 Karma and Zumki Lama have brought thousands of items made from Tibetan Refugees living in Nepal and India. As Tibetan refugees themselves, they were shocked by how much people in America loved our culture and our craftsmanship. After selling for a while, they decided to bring the wealth back home and support the struggling communities and artisans. We only buy directly from the local artisans and make sure there is no middle man to take away their hard earned money. We make sure to visit Nepal and India at least twice a year and always find new items and artists to work with. Over the years we have developed strong bonds with the artisans and always make sure to keep in touch and see that their life improves under our support. 

How we have grown

Due to your support and our continued success, we have expanded beyond just Nepal and India and now source our products ethically, from mainly Southeast Asia. (Thailand, Bali) We have expanded our collection due to the repeated requests of our customers asking for more and more culturally diverse products, and have made some new friends along the way. 

With your support

You can directly impact the local artisans by visiting either Nepal and India and experiencing the rich and vibrant culture. Many small independent businesses fail due to the changing times, and this, in turn, affects the local artisans in small villages in Southeast Asia creating a domino effect. With your support, we can continue supporting our friends from Southeast Asia and continually grow to impact their lives in a positive fashion. 

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