Tara Healing Incense

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  • Approximately 16 sticks measured at 5.5 in. each
  • Hand made from a mixture of 31 natural herbal ingredients according to Tibetan medicine customs
  • Made in India
  • Scent: Light Earthy Smell

The Tara healing incense is named after the Deity "White Tara" who symbolizes long life and healing in Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Incense is hand-made using the highest quality herbs found, and are non-addictive nor toxic. This pure substance can be used for offerings, purifications, as well as an air freshener.

Special inhalant for relieving stress, tension and depression. Traditionally handmade Tibetan incense made using ancient Tibetan medical system.

Each box contains 16 sticks measured at 5.5 inches long and each stick is made of natural herbs and are non-toxic nor addictive. As most traditional Tibetan incense, the stick is fully burnable and does not contain a bamboo stick like nag champa does. So please be careful. 

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Why use Tibetan Incense

It is used today for religious offerings, meditation; overall mental and physical well being or simply to purify and freshen rooms, Originally Healing Tibetan Incense was used to dispel bad spirits and bad energy. Continuing the tradition many burn incense to dispel negativity and attract positive energy for healing and peace.


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Great Incense.

Jason Hoffman
the best

I love this incense! Thanks!

Gary Prottas

Great thanks